Aftermath of the Spellhands


As long as it can be remembered, the land of Dorn was covered in darkness. In the early days of creation, the land was claimed by the evil goddess Lolth. For Lolth, Dorn would be a place to amass her dark armies in secret, away from the prying eyes of mortals and gods alike. To that end Dorn was thrust into everlasting darkness so that the drow race would thrive and increase in number.

That lasted until one fateful day, five young mortals dared to enter Lolth’s beloved land. They were called Spellhands and were thrust from their own homeland for fear that they would claim it for their own. The Spellhands together had the power to push back Lolth and her dark armies and plunge Dorn back into the light of day.

Dorn has stayed that way under the watchful eyes of the Spellhands. But now, the Spellhands grow older and weaker, the days darker and heavy. For Lolth, does not forget and does not forgive. Although banished to the darkness, she bides her time and waits. Dorn was hers at the beginning and will be hers at the end…

Aftermath of the Spellhands

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